Let's get you back in the game of life!

With a state-of-the-art clinic in Kilauea, HI, and the option for aquatic therapy in Wailua Homesteads, HI, ASMPT utilizes personalized and evidence-based physical therapy approaches to treat your body's pain and dysfunction in order to return you to wellness. Our highly-trained physical therapists use a combined 65 years of experience and continued education to decrease pain and restore mobility and function in the shortest time possible.


Emphasis on ALOHA

Here at ASMPT we don't treat you like you are another patient in the mill of healthcare. Every single treatment is geared toward the individual and your particular lifestyle. Our patients include six-year-old dancers, KIF athletes, professional surfers and athletes, island visitors, retired teachers, and local farmers. No cookie-cutter treatments or one-size-fits-all solutions are used!

We aim to use the ALOHA spirit (Akahai- kindness; Lokahi- unity; Olu'olu- pleasantness; Ha'aha'a- humilty; Ahonui- patience) to treat you in the context of your life and help you return to what you love to do with your body, whether it be surfing, hiking, swimming, enjoying time with your family, or taking full advantage of our island home of Kaua'i.

We are the only trained place on Kaua'i to offer aquatic therapy, a specialized form of physical therapy that research shows is the quickest and most pain-free and effective way to rehabilitate injuries!

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy: 

  • The hydrostatic forces exerted by the water on your body create increased venous return, which reduces swelling. Decreased swelling means less pain.

  • In water, you experience the reduction of gravitational forces and positive effect of buoyancy forces. This allows patients to engage in strengthening and flexibility exercises in a non-weight-bearing environment

  • Exercises in the pool stimulate body awareness and balance, thus build core stability

  • Aquatic therapy offers sport-specific training opportunities for those who love the water sports of Kaua'i